Kevin Williams

Web Developer / MBA Grad / Frontier Techie / Road Tripper

Keep track of your fleet of drones! Monitor and display max altitude per drone. This is a MEAN stack app.

Final project at General Assembly, done individually in WEEK 12. I wanted exposure to data visualization so I learned & incorporated D3.js in 1-week using the MEAN Stack.

To enjoy: 1. sign up 2. log in 3. add drones & max altitude per flight.

Hi, I'm Kevin!
I'm a Front End Developer with a love for thoughtful UX & Data Based Decisions

When I'm not coding, I am probably jogging, spending some QT with my fiancee Ashley, dog Watson & cat Minxie, binge watching Netflix shows, flying my Phantom 3 drone, testing out the latest Virtual Reality mobile app, or escaping to see a movie.


LANGUAGES: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby

FRAMEWORKS: Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, Rails, Meteor

DATABASE TOOLS: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Postico

OTHER: jQuery, Git/Github, Heroku Deployment, JSON, Bootstrap,
DOM Manipulation, Sass, Responsive Wed Design, Client-Server Model,
API's, AJAX, Socket.IO, Ionic, OAUTH, Postman, React

For more details, feel free to check out my RESUME.